RBM Rewards Program


Richardson Bike Mart wants to show our local cycling teams and clubs appreciation for having a positive impact on the local communities. By doing so, we hope to promote the philosophy “Ride Local, Shop Local” and bring together the cycling community.

It works like this - you sign up for an RBM sponsored club or team. (any of the clubs or teams listed below). If you are a member of a team, or manager, that we don’t sponsor, then reach out to us!!

Local club shares new member activity with RBM - You start earning rewards on anything you purchase from RBM (excluding bicycles and service) and continue to accumulate those rewards throughout the year. In April and October, you will receive an email with your accumulated rewards balance. Bring that to any RBM location or shop at and use that amount to purchase anything, including bikes, carbon wheels, Garmins, tune-ups, GoPros and any other cycling product you can think of.

It’s our way of saying thank you to all those who are invested in their local cycling community!


  • Sign up for any team/club listed below

  • Shop at any RBM location or

  • Get your rewards dollars through your email

  • Spend those rewards dollars on anything!


A. The rewards accumulate on your purchases at RBM or at the percentage your club/team is set up for. You do not have to do anything for this to happen, its all in the computer, well you do have to shop at Richardson Bike Mart. Shop local, be supported local.

A. You will receive an email in the first half of the Redemption Period, that will have a barcode that can be taken to any location for redemption. Either bring the email printed out, or have it pulled up on your phone at checkout.

A. The amount is good for 30 days after the email is sent out. However, don’t fret. If you don’t think you will be using it within those 30 days, take in-store and have the amount transferred to a gift card. That will allow you to save it for whenever you need it. This can also be done online!

A. Yes, and no. The full amount will be applied to your next transaction. However, if there is a remaining balance left over, it will be put onto a gift card so that you can use it on a future purchase.

A. We need a valid email address that is checked often or is accessible. That is the only way you will get your rewards amount. So please, at next check-out, verify with your sales associate that it is spelled correctly or updated!

A. The rewards are based on quarterly periods. So, you will gain rewards are purchases from April 1st till September 30th and October 1st till March 31st. The emails for the redemption goes out the first week of October and April respectively.

A. This is something that is discussed with the Team Captain/President and Richardson Bike Mart President.

A. We'd love to help teams please contact Max Miley at

A. We are here to help.! Questions please contact Chris Weaver at

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