RBM Group Ride Safety Notice

A number of people have recently expressed concern about etiquette, safety and sportsmanship in the pack on the RBM rides.  Although neither RBM nor any rider can control the rides, we should all recognize several things:

·   We all love to ride.  None of us wants to get hurt or have a friend get hurt.

·   If the pack runs red lights or calls 911 with injured riders every week, it’s only a matter of time before one of the local cities bans the rides, like Sachse and Anna did.

·   The pack is self-policing.  Cyclists follow an unwritten Cycling Code that governs riding etiquette, safety and sportsmanship.

·   RBM sponsors many clubs and many of the riders on these rides.  We can reasonably ask that our riders show knowledge and leadership by following the Cycling Code.

A few simple changes to the local Cycling Code will greatly enhance the safety and sportsmanship of these rides:

·   Road construction poses a risk to the pack because of uneven surfaces, curb cuts, detours and barricades.

·   Road surfaces pose a risk to the pack because of cracks, pot holes, traffic bumpers, medians and curbing.

·  The front of the pack is responsible to “go neutral” for 60 seconds before and after any road construction. 

On the North/South ride, this means 19 mph maximum.  On all other rides, it’s 14 mph maximum.

·   Running lights is more than just illegal.  When the riders in the front run a light, they put the pack at risk because the pack will follow them through the light. 

·  If the light turns yellow as the pack approaches the intersection, the riders on the front will stop the ride and wait on both sides of the intersection. 

·  If the light turns yellow while the pack is crossing, the riders approaching the intersection will stop safely, even though the front group goes on.   This will cause a fair and natural break in the pack, and the riders left behind will get to have the fun and good training of being on the front.  Smaller groups are safer and they more realistically approximate racing conditions.

·   Every rider is responsible for his or her own safety, and for the safety of those around him or her.  This includes picking rides that match his or her fitness and skill, and dropping back if the ride is beyond his or her level.

RBM is serious about etiquette, safety and sportsmanship, because we value the safety of our friends.  We put our hearts, soul and financial resources into supporting the local cycling scene so that our friends can have a great time on their bikes.  All that we ask of you is that you show knowledge and leadership in following the Cycling Code when you ride our rides.


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