Fall Visibility

Make Them See You

Bicycles are great for exploring your neighborhood and local trails. No matter your level of riding, the best way to stay safe while exploring is to stay visible. Lights are great for increasing your visibility to see what lies ahead. They also make you visible to motorists and cyclists alike. Choose from the standard front and rear flashers or performance level, high-lumen lights. High-visibility apparel gives you a more noticeable profile and helps you stand out while cruising down the road or crushing the trails. Whether you are riding under street lights, starlight, or porch light, we have the gear you need to keep your ride safe and enjoyable.

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Serfas TL-STN Seat Stay Taillight
Be safe out there with Serfas' TL-STN Seat Stay Taillight. This water-resis...
Specialized Stix Sport Combo Lights
The Specialized Stix Sport Combo package contains a bright, 70-lumen headli...
Bontrager Flare R City
Paint the city day or night The Flare R City tail light is daytime visib...
Serfas ESC-650 E-Lume Combo 650/60
Features: Headlight: 650 Lumens Tail Light: 60 Lumens USB Rechargeable...
Serfas Combo True TSL-700F/TST-100
FEATURES - Headlight: 700 Lumens* - Tail Light: 100 Lumens* - Remote Swi...
Bontrager Ion 100 R/Flare R City Light Set
Key features: - Be seen with a broad, powerful beam and balanced optics ...

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